Winter Training

Winter TrainingWalking, running or training for a race can require extra motivation through the winter! A training buddy may give you just the motivation you need to keep each other moving through the coldest months of the year. These are a few other tips to help you make the most of your winter training.

1. Get warm before you get going. – Run up and down stairs, jump rope or do some pushups and situps before you head outside.

2. Keep your feet warm and dry. – Wear wool socks or wrap plastic grocery bags between your socks and shoes when training in snow.

3. Layer up. – Always wear gloves or mittens and a hat. A long-sleeve base layer and a jacket paired with tights and windpants will help keep you warm.

4. Light up the night. – Winter months mean fewer hours of daylight. Wearing reflective clothing or strings of leftover holiday lights if you’re feeling extra festive helps others see you, and wearing a headlamp helps you see where you’re going.

5. Stay warm. – Change into dry clothes ASAP after finishing a winter training.