Running Etiquette

  1. Line Up Properly – Faster runners should line up at the front of the starting line, and slower runners and walkers at the back. This helps prevent faster runners having to weave around slower runners and walkers when the race starts. Line up in the corral based on your estimated pace. Even if you are at the very back, the time that it takes you to cross the starting line does not count toward your race time because the timing chip in your race bib is not activated until you cross the starting line.
  2. Don’t Take Up the Whole Road – If you are running or walking with a group, try not to line up more than two abreast so that others can pass you.
  3. Be Careful at Water Stations – When stopping or slowing down through a water station, make sure you’re not cutting of runners behind you or spilling water on them.
  4. Keep Moving at the Finish – Don’t immediately stop after the finish line. Keep moving through the chute because there will be runners coming in right behind you.