The Ferguson Twilight Run needs your help. We are looking for dynamic and energetic people to get involved. The excitement of this run continues to grow, and we need to grow those that help in making this event a success.

Volunteering is a great opportunity for service groups and for individuals who want to show their community spirit! Just a few of the areas we need Volunteers include:

  • PACKET PICKUP – Assist in dispensing the race packets to runners as they arrive. We will host packet pickup the week prior to the race and on race day.
  • PRE-RACE COURSE SETUP – Arrive approximately at 3:00pm to assist in the setup of the starting line and finish line area that includes the placement of tents and mile markers, signage and water station setup along the course.
  • FINISH LINE AREA – Assist in congratulating runners as they cross the finish line and funneling them to the finish area.
  • RACE COURSE MONITORS – Act as vehicle traffic control at smaller intersections to ensure automobile traffic does not interface with runners.
  • WATER STATIONS – Assist in providing water to runners and walkers at stations along the route.
  • FOOD & BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTION – Assist setting up and distributing post-race food and beverage stations at the finish line area at Plaza at 501.
  • POST RACE ASSEMBLY/DISASSEMBLY – Assist in assembling/disassembling the start/finish area including starting area, waterstations, finish line, and all tents, banners, signage, tables and trash.
  • SPIRIT STATIONS – An important part of the overall race experience for a participant is the support and encouragement along the 1-mile, 3.1 mile, 6.2 mile, and 10-mile courses. We want the Ferguson Twilight Runs to be FUN for both runners and walkers. So, this year we are creating special SPIRIT STATIONS along the course where groups can gather and help encourage the participants as they pass and get them across the finish line. Play your favorite music, make banners or signs, create a unique theme…do whatever you want to make it fun and exciting for both your SPIRIT STATION group and the runners!

Volunteer Form

  • To sign yourself or a group of individuals up as volunteers, please CLICK HERE. We will be in touch and we appreciate your willingness to help! *All volunteers must be 13 years and older.